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We focus on the purchase of commercial real estate on the beautiful island of Bali. For us, social responsibility, sustainability and return on investment are paramount. We offer a wide range of options for both individuals and companies. Read more information about Investing in Bali, completed projects on the website and sign up as a free member to be kept informed about new opportunities.

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Ubud, Bali

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Actieve Exploitatie

1 in 3 people in Bali are tourist

Bali is home to 4 million people, which normally includes at least 2 million tourists. Those tourists have stayed away for 2 years and in 2022 it came back up with 2.1 million tourists. That makes this the perfect opportunity to take over AirBnb parks! To then build a good business system around this to have a sustainable business in the long run.


8 - 15 Houses

Small houses suitable for people traveling around


1 Swimming pool

At least one swimming pool is a requirement of the park


1 Restaurant

To provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for guests

Compare the leading real estate and investment on yield, investment amount and entry conditions

Preparation, research, implementation & maintenance

Several experienced investors who are themselves active in Jakarta, Bali and other islands in Indonesia have helped me map out all costs, returns and possible risks. This also helped me enormously with the first project to make it a success.

For me this is the 4th time in Bali. From that experience I know that everyone can go in different directions in the south. But that everyone always goes to Ubud for 1 or more days. That's the area I focus on.