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Ubud, Bali

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What are Investing in Bali projects?

An Investing in Bali project is a specific real estate project where directly is invested in real estate. Real estate, also called immovable property or immovable property, includes the land and buildings on this land. A real estate project in Bali often involves luxury hotels, resorts and also luxury homes such as apartment complexes and villas. There are various types of real estate, which differ economically and legally. With a real estate project in which you invest directly, you determine your investment yourself, whereby you buy part of the project. However, each project has a minimum investment amount. The project invests can then start construction or renovation or purchase of properties.

We speak of investing when you yourself influence the return.

International real estate

The real estate that meets your wishes / requirements can also be be found abroad. International real estate is very interesting, as foreign markets, such as the real estate market in Bali, have a lot to offer with stable returns. This is an attractive alternative for the Dutch market.

Real estate in Asia

The real estate that meets your wishes / requirements can also be found abroad. The Asian real estate market is very interesting, and Bali is particularly attractive due to the large numbers of tourists who visit the island. The real estate market in Bali offers the opportunity to achieve higher returns than what is possible in the overheated Dutch market. There are still many opportunities to be found in Bali.

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