What means Floor space?

As with residential buildings, the floor space of real estate">commercial real estate also includes the surface area of the building. The floor area is measured in square metres.

Calculate the area

Sometimes an incorrect calculation of the floor area is made by first measuring the length, then the width and rounding both numbers up and then multiplying each other. Here we often talk about approx. (approximately). It is wise to first measure everything yourself when purchasing real estate">commercial real estate.

Gross area

The gross area is composed of the outer perimeter of the building, including the stairwell, elevator shafts and service shafts, but excluding balconies and roof terraces.

Rentable floor space

Rentable floor space is used in office buildings. The rentable floor area is the area available for office workers, minus the unusable glass openings.

Sales area

The sales area is the space that the retailer can use effectively, including the shop window.

Net floor area

The net floor area consists of all interior spaces but does not include:

  • Link hole or voids with a surface area larger than 4 m2;
  • Surface of the floorboards, above which the net height is less than 1.5 m2;
  • Free-standing columns/load-bearing wall slabs with a base area greater than 0.5 m2;
  • Area of free-standing non-accessible pipe shafts with a base area greater than 0.5 m2.

Tare surface

The difference between the gross and net floor area.

Usable surface

The net floor area.