What means SKG Standardization?

SKG is an independent certification organization that, among other things, inspects security locks against burglary. It is important to check the SKG standards in the terms and conditions of your home contents insurance. If you need SKG 3 star locks and you don't have this, you are not insured against burglaries and theft. You can also negotiate such forewords with your insurance company or bank. The cost of replacing locks can quickly add up. Compare different insurers and their prices / conditions for home contents insurance.

Delay SKG quality mark

Below is the delay time of hinges and locks:

  • Risk class 1 SKG * 3 minutes delay / standard burglar-resistant product;
  • Risk class 2 SKG ** 5 minutes delay / heavy burglary resistant product;
  • Risk class 3 SKG *** 10 minutes delay / extra heavy burglary resistant product.