What means A Locations?

When we talk about the location of offices or shops, we talk about A, B or C locations. The location is of great importance for retailers. When we talk about A1 locations, we are talking about the main shopping area in a city.

A1 Locations

A distinction is also made among the A Locations. A1 Locations are the areas with the highest visitor numbers. Visitor numbers are measured in a crowding index ranging from 75 to 100. The purchase and rental prices here are higher than at other locations. There is little vacancy, so also little supply. You can recognize A1 Locations by the pedestrian area and the large rural shops that are located here.

A2 Locations

These are the areas with slightly less visitor numbers. The crowding index used here ranges from 50 to 75. This is precisely where the nationally and regionally operating franchise companies establish themselves. There is a reasonable vacancy rate.