What means Green zone or Green land?

In Bali, the term "Green Zone" may also refer to land that has been designated as a protected area for environmental conservation and sustainability purposes. This could include land that is part of a national park, forest, or other natural reserve, or land that has been set aside for reforestation or other ecological restoration projects.

The aim of designating land as a Green Zone is to preserve and protect the natural environment and biodiversity of Bali, and to promote sustainable land use practices that benefit local communities and the planet. Green Zones may also provide recreational opportunities for visitors, such as hiking trails, wildlife viewing, and ecotourism activities.

In some cases, Green Zones may also be used for agricultural purposes, but in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. For example, farmers may use agroforestry techniques to cultivate crops and livestock in a way that promotes soil health, conserves water, and minimizes the use of harmful chemicals.

Overall, the concept of a Green Zone in Bali is closely tied to the principles of sustainable development and environmental stewardship, and is an important part of the island's efforts to promote a more sustainable and resilient future.