What means Negotiations?

“The process by which two persons or groups (the parties) try to reach an agreement through proposals and counterproposals”.


  • Set goals: where do you want to end up and what's in it for you?
  • Provide a reasonable opening price. Don't bid too low, so don't offer just 50% of the asking price.
  • Consider not only the costs for the purchase price, but also the costs of the research report, any costs of the current rental contract, the transition date and the financing reservation.
  • Negotiating prices usually means being patient. Make sure it is not necessary for you to buy or sell.
  • Be businesslike, not emotional.

Before negotiating, use:

  • Purchase sums from the Land Registry to compare real estate prices in the area;
  • Your local real estate agent if necessary;
  • Evaluation report and construction report;
  • Zoning plan of the municipality;
  • Information about the neighbours/environment.